Monday, April 7, 2008

Upload files to multiple sites

this post is not really mac related but it is too good to ignore,
usually when i attach files to my blog it is hosted in mega-upload since google/blogger won't give a free storage space (just yet, still waiting for that long awaited GDisk).

i started checking other options for backup storage and since Mega-Upload will delete the file if it becomes too old and no download in a month or so.

then i stumbled on TinyLoad, a web interface that allow you to upload in to multiple free storage services, and get a link to download your upload through TinyLoad.

its simple free, not so fast, probably due to the free sites, there is a 100M limitation per file, again due to free service limitations, it has a nice bookmarklet (bookmark that activate a JavaScript and open the site important part in a frame without you leaving your currentlly viewed page, you can register and the site will save all your uploaded files links for you,
this ones a keeper, check it out.

here is a video of me loading a file to several sites:


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