Friday, April 11, 2008

HFS+ partition type changed - what to do?

if you have for some reason a partition that is not recognized as HFS+ but it is (for instance if you tried to resize using Gparted and the HFS+ converted to something else), this is what you do in order to fix it:

enter fdisk, once you have entered fdisk and pressed p for print it will display a table with partitions details looking like this:

Note the second column (id), it is telling us what is the type of the partition in a hex representation. the HFS+ partitions should have AF as ID.

if it is not AF and the last column does not say HFS+ then use the command:
setpid X (where X stands for the partition number)
then the fdisk will show the partition table just for the X partition and ask for the partition ID you want to set like this:

write AF as the ID and press enter.
u (stands for Update)
w (stands for write)
it will tell you that you need a reboot like this:

write y (stands for yes)
q (stands for quit)

reboot, your done.


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