Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Changed Poll, added Google Analytics data


sorry i havn't written any thing in the last few weeks, i am on a vecation (it is passover in israel), i am having a quality time with the kids and wife, and with the computer (just not for blogging, gaming with BF 2142 mostely),

there are some people out there with LG laptop like mine,
that asked me if i have writen a keyboard driver,

i was wondering how many of you really need it,
if there is a real need then i will start porting the linux driver code and start a support section for it, so i started a poll/vote for that, please let me know if you are one of those people.

so what is going to happend with windows vs mac poll you ask (no? you didn't ask? really?), well i have decided that every month i will publish my google analytics report for browsers and OS, i did not find an automatic way to do this so i am capturing the screen and pasting into a post.
(google analitycs made a "share my data" option but didn't expose it for free use with API of some sort)
here is the last position of that pole:

hopeing it will serve someone,

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