Sunday, April 6, 2008

BSOD and Panic Pranks

well a little late for April fools day, but here are two related cool pranks widgets (and a screen saver) that emit a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) and Mac Panic screen.

why would we want to do that? to mess with our friends mind, anger the PC users, i don't know its fun so here they are:

this is a widget that you can place in the upper left corner of dashboard and when you double click it, it display a full screen BSOD, you might need to adjust it to cover the whole screen perfectly the first time you run it, but i couldn't hide the + sign that adds widgets. you can download the widget from this link.

Kernel Panic
the kernel panic widget does the same and act the same, place it in the upper left corner, double click it so it will display the whole screen, click in the middle to get back to icon size, the only thing is that when you have both widgets you can't have them both visible in icon mode. download this widget at this link.

Kernel Panic Screen Saver
when this screen saver will work you will see your latest screen and on top of it a kernel panic screen telling you to restart your computer, i guess mac users rearly see this screen they miss it so much they made a screen saver out of it. you can download the screen saver at this link.


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