Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dell Latitude D620

today i helped another one of my friends to install a hackintosh,

this time we used an iatkos r1 version 10.5.1,
what amazed me is that the wifi airport worked perfectly out of the box in the setup screen,
we installed it on an external usb hard drive, the keyboard worked perfect, trackpad and all,
it was amazing to see almost a perfect install (including sound, and sound control with on screen display and all), beside the video card that i didn't install, it was (almost) perfect.

there was some problem after the setup stage has finished and the login screen should have came up, i mention it in my next post.

here is the wifi fully working screenshot:

in the coming days i am going to have some more installations, and i will use different types of install DVDs so you should expect more tutorials regarding other installations including screenshots, step by step walk through, and troubleshooting.

it will include: Leo4All Beta, Kalyway 10.5.2, iatkos 10.5.2 R2...
hope it will help more for the installers out there.

meanwhile Enjoy this great song:


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