Sunday, April 6, 2008

iDigital MacBook Air launch event

today i went to iDigital "MacBook Air launch in Israel", the event took place in the BigBox center in Ramat-Gan, the event included lots of mac computers stands, from the 17" to the 24" and all the laptop versions including the legendary Air.

few people attended (sadly) but, it was gratifying, i got to touch, feel, kiss (ha? who said that?) the MacBook Air, it was fun, and amazing to see how light and thin it is, it act and behave like other mac laptops with 13" screen and C2D,

fast application loader like all macs, but it has a super power saver, if you don't interact with it for a minute it will dim the screen light, if another minute will pass it will turn off the screen and hard drive, of course it is all configurable,

but the hardware support the power saving, by a unique LCD screen, extra thin hard drive and cpu that doesn't need fan for air cooling, setting it right will squeeze a cool 6.5 H of work. the only thing that bothered me that it does not have any CD, only one USB port and too low speakers, perfect for marketing guy, not good for development/gaming, but will do for reading/surfing and average day to day jobs.

in that event (beside eating a lot) we heard (again) the lacture of leopard and all its glory for the people that didn't know what mac is, we saw the iPod touch, i got to play with it its a must have, preferably an iPhone (ranchuk you were right).

the best thing is that i got to see and play (didn't expect it this soon) with the hebrew leopard, it looks great, (sorry didn't picture it), works great, no apparent bugs, there were some words left in english like: "Finder", i guess no better word for it in hebrew, also a good decidion was not to turn the whole system right to left like in hebrew windows (that suck, it ruin the whole OS experience), it is expected to be available for download in the next few weeks from the idigital home site, will keep you posted.

all in all it was a good night, didn't buy anything, but came back hangry for iPhone, AppleTV and macbook.

Enjoy (i know i did).

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