Sunday, January 27, 2008

what is DMG file?

DMG is the ISO equivalent for apple OS,

almost every download or install will mount a DMG file,
a sexy Hard-Drive icon will appear on the desktop allowing access to the files that reside in the DMG file.

good utility is "DMG Master" with it you can create DMG files,
also you can create DMG file with Disk-Utility.

How To Open Sit and Sitx files on hackintosh

when you download files for mc and try to install it on hackintosh you may encounter every once in a while in files with extenssions: sit or sitx, these are old mac forat files (iso/dmg like) but it cant be open directly from Finder (which is Apple's Explorer) that is the time for 3th party installs: download a great app named: "Stuffit Expander".

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Apple 2 PC General Info


I love apple and mac but don't have/want to spend money on it, i am too invested in wintel (windows and Intel combination) and didn't know how wonderful mac is, until one day i payed more attention, read, seen you tube movies of the leopard system, i got hooked, there is a sentence echo in my head regarding mac "once you try it you cant go back" you have no idea how true it is.

The search began, price compare and tyred to get new mac, the problem is i bought a laptop in 2500$ 7 month earlier so there is no way my wife will allow me another computer not alone mac that comes to 5000$ (i live in Israel and mac prices are ridicules), so i started trying lowering the cost by buying from abroad or settling for less CPU power smaller screen, but still no go.

Alternatives, i started checking can i emulate? vmware? or even install leopard on a PC, luckily all the answers were yes! i started vigorously searching learning and testing, until i got to a point i was satisfied with the results.

Next exit AppleVille, make no mistake my next OS/Platform is apple mac only it will take me some time to get there (next scheduled computer buy/upgrade), i insist not to spend another dollar on generic PC.

Legality, You will find some people claiming that they done the Hackintosh procedure and turn it legit by buying a copy of leopard or tiger but the painful truth is that Hackintosh as its name it is a hacked Macintosh, the apple license give you no permission to change their OS in any way it is not open source (beside several drivers they publish), so save your bucks until you own a real mac, and beside you will need the bucks when you would like to spoil your mac buying it mouse/keyboard/apps/addons etc.

Why Hackintosh? Hackintosh is a way for people with no extra bucs for mac, or would like to try mac and have opinion on it before buying. (note that mac performs way better then Hackintosh and there are problems with hackintosh that would never occur in a mac but as long as you can filter the noise you can get the idea of how wonderfull mac is)

What can be done with Hackintosh? practiclly everything that an intel based mac can do, you will get a fully featured OSX, install games and apps for mac, apple calls it Universal and even have a logo for it (look image below), surf the web, download, use web cam, cammeras, scanners, listen to music, create DVDs, edit movies, create music, build web sites, develope, whatever you can do with a simple PC with windows mac can do it (IMHO it can do it better).
Universal Logo

Abandone windows? this is a deal breaker! for those of you that cant abandon their winbox, and feel scared and homeless without it apple thought of you guys as well, the best part that won me over is the ability not only to multiboot with windows (directlly from darwin or by using bootcamp or boot manager), but to run windows apps from withing the mac OS as if they were mac applications, you can decide to run the whole windows system in a single window or full screen, or! run each application in its own window with its own icon, able to minimise, maximise, in a mac way, the windows can live next on beneeth mac window and copy paste drag and drop etc, all this can be achieved using VMWare or Parallels software that you can install after the OS is up and running.

well thats it for now, next posts will include download, install, troubleshooting and stuff i encounter with my hackintosh, neet downloads, link to other sites... stay tuned.

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