Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Constant reboot after OSX86 install

if you are suffering from endless reboot after leopard hackintosh install, then follow these steps to solve it.

1. check your BIOS setup (see this post)
2. try using some darwin bootloader switches (or combinations of them):
rd=diskXsY (where X is the number of the leopard drive starting from 0 and Y is the number
of Leopard partition starting from 1 example: rd=disk0s1)
see "Darwin Boot Options" for more details
3. make sure (from windows) you have at least SSE2 using the CPUz utility as stated in this post
4. try reinstalling with as minimum options you can (please see my post "Install Leopard")
5. try to install the leopard without EFI support
6. goto the HCL and make sure that your hardware is supported.
7. try stripping hardware pardts you don't need for the install process (like PCI cards, 1.44, USB deices etc.)
8. i heard (i dont believe its true, but doesn't hurt to try) you need to change the name of the hard drive to something without spaces, special characters something like: "myhd"
9. if you are using kalyway 10.5.1 then try "TOHKERNEL" at the darwin boot prompt it will boot TOH kernel instead of the vanilla one (this solution is mostly for when the DVD reboots befor getting to the graphical install screen).
10. if you are using iAtkos r2 or later then make sure you choose "x86 Darwin Bootloader"
11. if you are using iAtkos r1 then make sure you done the Darwin boot loader step in the Install Leopard post (try with and without the EFI support)
12. a more complex way is to:

  1. boot the Leopard install DVD
  2. from the darwin boot prompt write -s and press enter
  3. write: /sbin/mount -uw /
  4. goto /usr/standalone/i386
  5. write: ./startuptools -v /dev/rdiskXsY boot (where X stands for the number of Leopard installed hard disk starting from 0, and Y stands for Leopard installed partition starting from for example: rdisk02)
  6. reboot
hope this helps,

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