Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hackintosh Drivers

soon my site will be ready give it a try:

"Where can i find OSX86 / hackintosh drivers"
this post is for all the people that asked "where can i find a driver for..." well here is a link list that i will maintain:

for those of you that don't know a kext is mac kernel extension or as called in windows a driver.
access "All About Kext" post in order to find out how to install one.

links to the drivers is at the OSX86 Project HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) there is one for each OSX version released on the OSX86 Project:
Leopard 10.5.2
Leopard 10.5.1
Leopard 10.5.0
Tiger 10.4.9
Tiger 10.4.8

link lists and threads found on insanelymac:
a great compiled list of kext
Keyboard and trackpad/mouse
Video Cards
Network Printers

here are some important kext that may get lost in the list:
NVInject - NVidea Injection kext that support nVidia video cards
Titan - Support for ATI and nVidia video cards
Natit - Open-Source Support for ATI and nVidia video cards
Natit - Natit releases by Netkas (better IMO)
PC_EFI - EFI support for PC, what makes OSX86 updates, and run native kernel possible
AppleSMBios - Apple System Management BIOS Driver


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