Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blinking cursor after OSX86 install

blinking cursor after hackintosh install or blinking cursor after leopard install.

if you encounter a blinking cursor after you installed the hackintosh OSX86, you probably did not follow my "Install Leopard" post, in it i explain how to do the fdisk step (after darwin boot loader install), the fdisk stage state that the hackintosh leopard partition is bootable and that partition should be booted from.

in order to fix the blinking cursor after the install you need to take these staeps:
1. insert the leopard install disk and boot from it into single mode (press F8 and write -s and press Enter), see more detail here.
2. write /sbin/mount -uw /
3. write fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX (X stands for the number of hard drive your leopard is installed on)
4. write p and press enter, it will print your partition table, find the one that Leopard is installed on (the partition should be of HFS+ file system type)
5. write f X (where X stands for the number of the partition your leopard installed at)
6. write u and press enter (for update)
7. write w and press enter (for write)
8. write q and press enter (for quit)
9. reboot and it should work. (don't forget to eject the install DVD)
10. if your Leopard install partition is allready bootable (you see at the 'p' command at step 4 that the partition is marked by *), then just flag (step 5) some other partition as bootable (doesn't matter what partition), reboot, and repeat the process to flag back the leopard partition.
this should get you out of the Jam.


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