Sunday, April 6, 2008

First Jewish iPhone

just kidding, iDigital the marvelous Apple representative in Israel has decided to market the first (legal and Hebrew) iPhone in Israel.

the announcement came 2 hours ago 20:00 o'clock Israel time, the iPhone will support Hebrew SMS messages (the hacks until today did not support it at all), the opening price will be 2,990 NIS which in current US $ rate is about 855$ it is a lot more then it should be but it is a good start that the phone has arrived legally, let the marketing begin and the prices go down.

the first store that is going to sell it is "Handy Store" located in dizingof center in tel-aviv, according to "Avishai Freez" the CEO iPhone is a world wide phenomenon and we in Israel deserve it too.

the sales will start on this Wednesday 09.04.08 in the "HandyTech" convention, this year "the::unwired" editor will join to speak on hand held technology and future, for last years HandyTech event , see the following clip:

granted the phone will not appear in the cellular companies and will not sale with a plan but in Israel's terms it is quite a revolution.


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