Saturday, February 23, 2008

Text to Speech in Mac OS X

MAC OS X Leopard includes built-in Text-To-Speech engine, it allows the mac to talk back to you any written text.

in order to activate it and custom it follow these next steps:

1. got to system preferences.

2. next choose "Speech" icon

3. select "Text to Speech" tab

4. select the System Voice you want (probably Vicki works nice)

5. next select the reading speed (slow it down just a bit from normal and it will be clear reading)

6. next mark the checkbox "Speak selected text when key is pressed"

7. lastly a popup of key combination will appear (if not then press the "Set Key..." button)

8. select the text field and press your preferred key combination to start/stop reading (i use Command+Option+V)

9. to test it go to some text, select it and press your key combination to start reading, press it again to stop reading or wait until it will finish.

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