Saturday, February 16, 2008

New File from context menu (tweak series)

another feature that is absent (i don't really need it) from mac but exist in windows is the right-click "New some_file_type..." 

for instnce "New Text File", 
well come to think of it thats about it! i never used the other file types, pictures? there are too many types to put there and i always used photoshop/msPaint etc in order to create one and even if i did create one i then go right away and open the application that edit them so what is the use? the same goes to word, power point and excel what ever.

so for the sake of argument lets assume we want the new txt file ability, so there is another add on utility that adds it self to the context menu More sub menu and allow create new document types from templates and it allows you to add templates and types of your own, and edit the one that exists, its really good and quite simple (as most good things are) it only copy the template to the place you clicked.

it is called "Nufile" it can be downloaded from here.
the installation is simple (next next next, or as mac version: continue, continue, continue)
and the result looks like this:


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david santos said...

Hello, Shai!
Thanks for your posting and have a good weekend

the menu is from: Milonic DHTML menus