Saturday, February 9, 2008

Leopard Dock tweak 2D-3D (tweak series)

This tweak turns your dock into a 2D dock like tiger had (go knows why would you like to do that):
1. go into terminal and write:
   defaults write no-glass -bool yes;
   killall Dock

the dock will disappear, wait for 5 sec and the dock will reappear, there you go you have a 2D dock,

1. in order to go back to a 3D you need to use these commands:
   defaults write no-glass -bool no;
   killall Dock


Anonymous said...

What would happen if you did it in tiger?

Anonymous said...

does anyone know (reply to anonymous same person)

shay.hackintosh said...

i think nothing would happen, since this default key is related to the version of leopard, and not of Tiger, since Tiger does not read or relate to this key it will not try to react uppon it.

the interesting question is what will happen if you take a from leopard and copy it into Tiger, will it work?

i will try it and keep you posetd. some times in the next two days

the menu is from: Milonic DHTML menus