Friday, February 1, 2008

Should i install Tiger or Leopard or both

my first question was should i install Tiger (10.4) or Leopard (OS X 10.5) or both.
at first i installed tiger, then i installed leopard as an upgrade to the tiger in a different partition,

Side Note: i tried tiger for a while to get the feel of the OS learned what is so good in mac, that was a quite a reprogram of my habits and knowledge regarding how OS should be, Microsoft has ruin us all but i was willing to learn and try, once you get the hang of it you understand how good the OS is, and, little by little i found that all new features that i was exited about on MSOS was just a rip-off a copy from OS X and not only that, but a bad copy, a heavy copy and slow copy! so today i enjoy both worlds since i have parallels and dual boot, but you should know that i use MS only for gaming purposes although most of my games i use in OS X many more accessible only to MS, i am an average joe but i develop, do office stuff, surf the web, blog,see video, listen to music, gaming, torrents... etc. but i have yet to find why i need MS OS (beside gaming) but again on mac i can get both worlds.
a cute youtube movie on that:

then i upgraded to leopard, that was an amazing leap from windows especially from vista, after leopard i had no need for tiger, i upgraded the tiger partition into leopard as well, so at this point i had two separated installation of leopard, i use the tigerToLeopard partition as a test partition and every install that can crash (Panic) my system i test there, kind of a sand box. after perfecting the install i deleted the partition and joined it with the primary leopard installation but that how-to will be covered in another post.

also note that since leopard (that i used, i assume all other hackintosh are also upgrades) is upgrade to an existing mac, so it is mandatory to install mac os x before leopard, if you try to install it without previous system it will display the welcome video in a loop 3 times and crash

i tried in the "Do you already own a Mac" screen to choose "do not transfer my information now" but it looped through the welcome screen, so the conclusion (4 me) that Tiger is mandatory, but if you find a better method please comment here.

Note: i think tiger is a very good OS it has all the basics of leopard that i love and enjoy, it is more stable and less hardware demanding, but leopard has made the final leap and got me converted, it has spaces and time machine that realy leaves no question as to if i will indure windows for another year or two,


Anonymous said...

hi, you can past the looping typing in the darwin selector -x to boot in safe mode, and if you can going off with your wireless... worked for me.... cheers!

shay.bc said...


i thank you for taking the time to add the comment so others can enjoy the solution,

i havent thought of booting safemode in the install process - good idea, i will try it, but one question though how does the wireless helps here?

thank you.

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