Saturday, February 16, 2008

Add Cut to Finder (tweak series)

the most absent feature in mac is the right click->cut (on files and folders),

i wonder who is the jerk in apple that is keeping us from getting this feature,

PathFinder is a good replacement for Finder and it has cut feature,
but it lacks several features that the new Finder in leopard has, for instance Cover-Flow, quick look etc.

1. open terminal and write this line: 
defaults write AllowCutForItems 1

2. restart Finder, in terminal write: 
killall Finder
right click dock finder icon with option button pressed (Alt/WinKey in hackintosh) and choose "relaunch"

to undo this simply execute the same lines only this time replace the value 1 with 0 like this:
defaults write AllowCutForItems 0
killall Finder

but when you try it you find its just another "move to trash" menu item, well that didn't help,

that was when i decided to download the add on to context menu FileCutter

it gives you the option to cut paste, move to... etc. but the annoying part is that it is a sub menu inside a sub menu, in leopard all add ons to context menu is added to the More sub Menu, and file cutter is a sub menu in its own, so in order to cut you go 3 levels deep - yuc! i wish there was a way to add cut directly to the context menu next to copy feature without any mess

but it works :-)
try to Enjoy.


Dan said...

Could you tell me how to undo "defaults write AllowCutForItems 1"

shay.hackintosh said...

hi Dan,

very sorry for not adding it to the post (fixed it),

do the same 2 lines in terminal only change the value 1 to 0 like this:

defaults write AllowCutForItems 0
killall Finder

the menu is from: Milonic DHTML menus