Saturday, February 9, 2008

Quick Silver (Amazing free app)

I am not sure how i stumblled upon Quick Silver, but it should be the first App to be installed on every new mac.

Quick Silver is a utility that extend the Finder capabilities, it is a combination of a search engine (like SpotLight and GoogleDesktop) with right click abilities, and then some (Open, Delete, Rename, Mail to...).

the idea is simple (like all great things are), to allow a user from the keyboard to perform (almost) all actions on a resource (Application, File, Folder, Network share, URL, etc...)

there are many advanced abilities, several User Interface, and endless list of plugins,
i have installed mine with all built-in plugins enabled, and i use it in the "Bezel" look and feel (but i will show in my movie as "Cube"), and i use Option (Alt on hackintosh) + Space to activate, so for instance when i try to open "Calculator" it looks like this:

these next two videos are made by some expert user and he display nicely most important features, he display it on a Tiger but it will work the same with QS latest version and Leopard and Hackintosh.
trust me on this one, download it, install it, use it, you will ask yourself how did you manage without it. 

First Movie covers Basics (Installation and use)  10 min long:

Second movie covers more advanced features (move copy rename ...) 8 min long:

Quick Silver is available for mac only, (windows users have replica like Launchy, and SkyLine) QS is available for download from these locations:
BlackTree - Home Site
SoftPedia - Mirror 1
MacUpdate - Mirror 2 (love macupdate)
VersionTracker - Mirror 3 (track versions. what a great idea)

hope you will love QS as much as i do.


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