Saturday, March 29, 2008

Automate your Apple Darwin Boot flags

are you tired from pressing F8, and writing -v cpus=1 -x -f etc?
now you can rest, lets tell leopard to remember the setup we want.

login as "root" to leopard,
from finder goto: /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration
then open for edit using your favorite editor the file:

Note: you can also do this from your login using terminal like this:
  1. sudo -s
  2. write your password and press enter
  3. cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration
  4. nano
the boot plist file is an XML file, so next you find this section:

Kernel Flags

and in the String tag enter your flags as if you were entering them in the darwin boot prompt
it should look something like this:

Kernel Flags

-v cpus=1

save the changes and reboot.
in command lime you may also use vi instead of nano, in case you don't know how to operate them here are links to a dummy guide:


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