Sunday, March 16, 2008

another cool click and drag in safari


this is another cool feature of click and drag showing the simplicity of the great big apple,
the safari design is so good that it identify a URL object in its link state or text state an allow to drop it in the tab bar, Download windows, bookmark bar etc. no matter the source, even a textedit, and no matter the ammount it support multiple URLs.

another great thing is that you can view a source of html for instance and copy a URL of lets say MP3 and paste it into the download window, using Command+V or Edit->Paste when the Downloads window is focused and the download immediately starts. (it helped me when i got to a page that insisted opening the MP3 in the QuickTime and no download link available)

you can click and drag links and URLs so they will be opened as a tab or downloaded, including multiple URLs, here are some videos displaying that:

open link as a new tab:

open text URL as a new tab:

download link using click and drag:

download multiple text URLs using click and drag:


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the menu is from: Milonic DHTML menus