Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some News

sorry for not investing in the blog for the last month, but in my defense I am occupied with other hackintosh related matters including:

i am also working on a Hackintosh direct download driver site (hope to release it in the coming month, will release a link once it is up)

also i have decided to develop the LG keyboard driver and i have help from a developer from mexico goes by the name of apple.mla123, it will take some time until we release the first version.
we need some testers if you are willing to help please send me a mail and i will send you RC versions as they come out, thanks ahead for that.

I have also created osx86 search engine (that i added to the head of the blog) it took me a whole day to filter the list of related and up-to-date sites here are the site that i am indexing, i will keep it up to date as i come across new sites, also if you know of a site that would be good to index please let me know.


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