Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Honey i'm home


i know that i have been away for several month from the blog, but in my defenece i have to say it was for the greater good, i took the time to create a hebrew blog and a forum that helped a hundred people or so, small group, i know, but in israel it is alot.
i wish to revive this blog but i am thinking of writing more on mac related issues tips, tricks, applications review site spoted etc. ofcource that i will also write posts regarding hackintosh, the thing is that hackintosh subjects are hard to find since most have been written and covered allready, most of my work is support people through email or forum, i have decided to add donation button so it will keep me motivated, if you find my work helpfull please consider donating, i hope i can help you guys more this way.

if you wish you may send me mail and request issues to cover on the blog, kind of a wish list, also there are about 4-5 mail i received and yet to answer but be sure i will get to them on the comming weekend.
thanks guys for reading this blog, drop me a line and let me know what you like most about it.

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