Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to Connect to Windows Share

this is a quick How-To connect to a share on a remote windows computer,

there are several ways to do everything, i hope some of you will post some comments and share your tips as well.

actually this trick works not just for windows computers, you can use this method in order to connect to any smb share (Mac, Linux, Solaris, Unix, Novel, Windows).

first we have to enable the smb protocol on the destination PC. click on the link in order to read how it is done on a Windows PC.

in order to connect to a remote computer (windows) do this:
1. from "FinderGo menu select: "Connect to Server"

2. a "Connect to Server" dialog appears

3. at the "Server Address" write: smb://SERVER_NAME/SHARE where SERVER_NAME should be replaced with the server name you want to connect to, and SHARE should be replaced with  the share name you want to access.

4. press "Connect" and a connect progress dialog appears

5. if you did not specify a SHARE, then a share list appear waiting for you to select a share.

6. select  a share and press "OK".

7. an icon of that share will appear on your desktop.

from this point on you treat this disk like any other DMG/Cd/DVD/USB Disk, if you have enough permissions you can write, delete, change, etc. to disconnect simply drag it to the trash.


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